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Via Ferrata

Impression of a first time user:

“ In many situations in life there is a big difference between feeling safe and being safe. Feeling safe depends on confidence and belief; being safe is a product of hard facts.

Climbing the Via Ferrata is absolutely safe: the climber is attached to a steel cable which is firmly connected into the rock- face by dozens of heavy-duty bolts. The system was built by a licensed Austrian expert who has already made several Via Ferrata in Europe.

So, how does the climber feel to be scaling a vertical cliff with views down into the Jabal Shams Grand Canyon? That depends on his or her level of experience. It's not for complete beginners for whom enormous fear is the most likely response: after all, when did you last find yourself clinging to something with a drop of hundreds of metres below? If, however, you've done even basic climbing, the experience is exhilarating. There is, of course, still a huge drop, but the climbing itself isn't that difficult - and it's made easier by the presence of pins already inserted at critical points in the climb. Most importantly, you are prepared to trust the equipment and enjoy a truly thrilling experience. ”

© Text by Matthew Ball


Dear Visitor,

This VIA FERRATA is not a walking path!

It is a climbing path for experienced people only!

Proper training and the use of the right equipment is a MUST!

Keep a good distance of minimum 3 anchor points to your front climber.

Always keep yourself connected to the safety rope.

The rock at some places may be loose, take care of people below you.

In case of lightning stay away from the fixed safety wire!

Follow the round painted markers.

Climbing time: approx. 1 hour

Access through the path W6 about 1,5 hour walk to the start of the Via Ferrata. The first and lower part is vertical for about 80 meter and is rated medium difficult. Then there follows a section of walking, traversing towards south for about 300 meter. Follow the round markers in white with a red dot in it.

The second and upper part is easier and starts just above the waterfall with the water pool. The exit is in the wadi which comes down from the dam just below the road to the plateau. There is a blue signboard close to the road above the dam.